T minus 2 Weeks – Getting Ready For Meridium Conference 2016

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I’m very excited to have Kadri Umay, CTO of the WW Partner Group for Oil & Gas Mining from Microsoft Corporation on stage with me day 2. Kadri is an expert in his field and will discuss how Microsoft and Meridium are working together to solve problems for our joint customers worldwide leveraging Azure.

Last year our CEO asked me before Meridium Conference 2015 if I was excited about the show. I said yes but I am more excited about Meridium Conference 2016. He had that puzzled look on his face as to say why? While I was excited about the Meridium Enterprise APM 4.0 release, the team had already started to think about what’s next since we had a new set of building blocks to accelerate innovation. These building blocks provide the foundation of the Meridium APM Application Platform.

Since last year’s conference, we shipped Meridium Enterprise 4.0 and continued to focus on building a set of innovative solutions for our customers on this platform. We shipped a new version of APM Now – Meridium’s APM SaaS solution (which has been adopted by customers worldwide leveraging Azure). We have the industry’s first certified API 581 v3 solution. We accelerated our M2M and EAM connection options including adding a host of new data loaders for our customers. We’ve received certification for our SAP Connector for APM Connect v4.1.6.

This level of product delivery and innovation has set the stage for Meridium Conference 2016. This year we are maniacally focused on helping customers create Intelligent Asset Strategies. We will share our strategy and playbook so customers can create and implement successful strategies for their organization on premise or in the cloud.

At Meridium Conference 2016 we will discuss a host of new solutions that we’ve been working. Just like last year – everything we show on stage is real and includes solutions that are shipping in early Q3. If you are getting ready to upgrade to version v4 you don’t have to wait for v4.2. It will be a pretty straightforward process that we will talk to you about at the conference.

We are very excited about Meridium Conference 2016 and look forward to discussing what’s new in APM. If you would like more information https://www.meridium.com/meridium-conference.

See you in Dallas in two week.

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Inexpensive Gigabit Ethernet Comes to the Cities of Roanoke and Salem

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Congratulations to the cities of Roanoke and Salem. The leadership of these two cities are providing gigabit Ethernet service to businesses at incredible rates. This will allow organizations the opportunity to expand their business by reducing infrastructure cost – leaving more funds to hire great talent. There have been a few naysayers along the way but you tend to see this during a technology shift – it’s like moving from a horse and buggy to a car (:-}). If you are looking for a great place to locate your business – checkout Roanoke City or Salem.


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Meridium Conference 2016

April 25, 2016 1 comment

It’s been a busy year since Meridium Conference 2015 (MC2015). When we left Orlando last April, the team immediately started working on the next set of products and solutions based on the conversations we had with you there. At the conference, we discussed how Meridium will deliver new functionality quarterly, so you don’t have to wait for extended periods of time for new solutions to help drive your business. The goal is continuous innovation that lets you take advantage of new offerings when they ship or wait and upgrade when you’re ready.

So what have we delivered since MC2015?  In July, we released the next generation of APM software: Meridium Enterprise APM v4.  It represents a monumental step forward in ease-of-use and quicker-time-to-value.  It’s a 100%-web-browser-based solution that can be deployed on-premise or in your private cloud.  We also released a new Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, Meridium APM Now, a multitenant offering to get your organization productive in DAYS.  And we delivered a new version of Asset Answers and the industry’s first APM-centric enterprise service bus called APMConnect.   In October, we released v4.1 with API 581 for the v4 platform, and in January, we shared v4.1.1 which features15 out-of-the-box data loaders to help our enterprise and SaaS customers seamlessly load data into the Meridium platform from legacy sources.  This functionality was built using APMConnect to give you one-stop integration into various EAM, CMMS, M2M and legacy data sources.

While these initiatives are a good start, it only scratches the surface of what we have been working on for Meridium Conference 2016.

Since last April (and prior!) we’ve spent thousands of hours brainstorming and discussing what’s important to your organizations – as well as listening to YOU – in order to understand your business needs and look for new ways we can work together.  Every time we have the opportunity to meet with you, walk through your plants or help with an installation we learn something new.

APM is more than simply identifying an anomaly.  You must be able to provide insights into what caused the problem, identify what other components are affected, leverage strategies that are needed to prevent the problem from occurring in the future and then evaluate the performance of these strategies against your peers.  This level of understanding comes from more than 20 years of developing and implementing APM software with the world’s most innovative companies and hiring subject matter experts (SMEs) who have years of experience operating and managing large heterogeneous mission critical facilities.

So what should you expect from Meridium Conference 2016 from a product perspective?  This year we are going to continue the theme of advanced innovation borrowing a slogan from the state of Missouri.  The unofficial slogan of Missouri is the “show me” state.

Just like we did at MC2015, attendees will have the opportunity to experience the power of the Meridium APM v4 platform first hand and see it in action, both from Meridium experts and from our clients. We look forward to showing you what we’ve been working on in the areas of prognostics, data visualization, a cloud-based connectivity, new mechanical integrity and safety  functionality – including off-line mobility options.  You’ll also see new solutions like API 581 for v4, Lifecycle Cost Analysis, Cognitive Analytics and APM for Utilities.

I hope to see you in Dallas for Meridium Conference 2016.  Our team enjoys meeting customers, hearing your stories and learning more about your business.  We always walk away from the conference energized and ready to build the next set of solutions to help you drive your business


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Creating Insightful Information for Predictive Maintenance

January 21, 2015 Leave a comment

Meridium in conjunction with GE Bently Nevada is excited to announce the new integrated solution, Production Asset Reliability (PAR). This solution drives better management of assets where conditions, age, performance, and criticality influence an organization’s maintenance and operational strategy. Combining the GE Bently Nevada product line and Meridium create a holistic predictive monitoring solution. To learn more about the solution and to read the full article in Orbit Magazine.

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Establishing a solid foundation is essential to successful Asset Performance Management (APM).

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When we think of successful organizations, initiatives or projects, we often tend to overlook the underlying origins of their success. What were the fundamental building blocks which provided a sound footing from which they could thrive? Establishing a solid foundation is essential to successful Asset Performance Management (APM). Focusing on the fundamentals will drive substantial short-term gains and position your organization to realize significant and sustainable long-term value and returns.

Managing the dynamic and intricate nature of an asset-intensive facility can be extremely complicated, and with so many things to consider and possible lines of attack to take, it can be difficult to figure out where to start on the path toward performance improvement. Often it’s not a flashy new concept that leads to success, but rather a common sense, disciplined approach. Many of the world’s industry leaders and most successful forerunners in APM, began their journey with what seem to be very basic, yet critical early steps to developing their structural groundwork for success.

In sports, you often hear a successful team after a win espouse that they “did the little things right,” “executed on the fundamentals” and “stuck to the game plan.” For those companies just getting started on their path to successful APM, adopting these basic principles can be quite valuable during the initial phases of APM implementation. As illustrated in Figure 1, eliminating some of the inefficiencies associated with continually operating in a reactive mode can have significant returns in reduced risk and increased performance in the early stages of an APM initiative.

Figure 1 – Organizational Maturity and Risk

There are four critical foundational elements which ensure a strong APM foundation:
1.Single source for consolidated, organized, accurate and actionable information
2.Establishing a standard equipment taxonomy and location hierarchy structure
3.Establishing asset and system criticality
4.Taking action through effective recommendation management

Single source for consolidated, organized, accurate and actionable information
There is an increasing amount of potentially very valuable data being generated from traditional sources, and with emerging technologies and expanding connectivity there will be even more coming in the future. To effectively capitalize and leverage all of this information, it is crucial to establish one central location to combine, manage and synthesize this data and provide it within context to consumers who need to perform analysis, make decisions and take effective action. The goal should be to establish insightful integration 1 that consolidates equipment data, accurate historical event data and work history, real-time monitoring, process and conditional data, etc., into one source on which your entire organization can rely. Silos of information are one of the largest barriers to effectively managing the performance of the assets across your enterprise and eliminating them establishes a central informational hub that will enable you to move forward. Once you have this information source established, a much more expansive world of possibilities will now be available to your organization.

About the author:

Mark Sinozich is the Product Manager for Meridium APM Foundation. He has 11 combined years of experience at Meridium holding positions in sales and marketing, client education, and training and development. He has a broad range of product knowledge, including core framework and administrative functionality, failure elimination, as well as strategy development, management and evaluation tools. Mark holds a B.A. in Marketing from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

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Using M2M Communication in Meridium for Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs)

July 23, 2014 Leave a comment

The asset performance management world is abuzz with defining and implementing “Machine to Machine” (M2M) communication to drive real-time Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs), the next big push on technology in our space. Many of our codes and standards are now pointing specifically at monitoring operating conditions as part of our asset management process, including API 584, which will be dedicated entirely to IOWs.

In Meridium, these policies can use data from increasingly intelligent devices in the field, specific to damage mechanisms, to help analyze the impact of the constantly changing environment and make it actionable information.

Michael Warren does a nice job explaining the opportunity. You can view his webinar at https://www.meridium.com/knowledge-center/real-time-asset-health-using-m2m-communication-meridium-integrity-operating-windows

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Introducing Meridium Online Webinar

July 22, 2014 Leave a comment

“Connectivity and availability will be some of the key requirements as we move into the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) era, and Meridium has positioned itself for success by launching Meridium Online and expanding its deployment options in general.” –Paula Hollywood, senior analyst, ARC Advisory Group.

Introducing Meridium Online, the cost-effective, scalable, comprehensive platform to manage risk and increase asset reliability in the Cloud. Free up your IT group’s time and resources with the SaaS-based platform from the global leader in APM (Asset Performance Management), that delivers the benefits of Meridium’s innovative APM software in an easily accessible and secure cloud environment.
This one hour introductory webinar will provide:

What is Meridium Online

Who is ready for Cloud-based APM
Brief demonstration
Interactive Q&A session

Learn how to manage risk and improve reliability today with Meridium Online, the scalable platform fully managed and delivered through the Cloud.

Please signup for this webcast at https://www.meridium.com/events/detail/drive-operational-excellence-cloud-based-asset-performance-management.

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